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Media - your powerful partner

Event management in support of the marketing communications

Media - your powerful partnerNowadays, it is clear to the marketing specialists that event management, as part of PR, is a key element of the marketing communication of a company.

According to the definition of the lexicographer Richard Ueynar, published in the dictionary for Media and Communications Webster, marketing PR is seen as "the use of special events, publicity and PR techniques to promote products and services.”

David Drobis defines five unique advantages, which public relations attach to the process of building loyalty to a brand and increasing its market value:

  1. Timing – public relations can be observed as up-to-date news. Thanks to satellite technologies, the press can directly reflect openings, press conferences and other special events and at the same time electronic media can broadcast them live. This gives the sense of urgency to the campaign.
  2. Adaptability- the public relations campaign can work in line with advertising, direct mailing or promotions.
  3. Credibility – typical characteristic of public relations is the “support from a third party,” or the so-called “halo effect.” When a journalist talks about your product, a hint of support exists.
  4. Cost-effectiveness, cost of PR-efforts are generally much smaller than those used for advertising.
  5. Mobility-PR-campaign can be run either in national or regional scale.

Terry Hutman, a manager of the corporate image of Chrysler, performs five rules for creating a brand using PR:

  1. Be aware of the characteristics of the product and the campaign that promotes it.
  2. Focus on those customers that are relevant to the product.
  3. Find out how developed is the industry to which the product belongs.
  4. Apply typical brand features that have already helped the brand to impose.
  5. Reduce the opportunities for cross-discussion (you do not want to compete with yourself but with other producers) while you focus on the exact market and target.

Thomas Harris in his book "The added value of Public Relations” gives the following definition for Marketing PR:

"Marketing Public Relation” (MPR) is the use of PR strategies and techniques to achieve marketing goals. The purpose of MPR is to inform, to stimulate sales, to ease communication and build relationships between customers and companies as well as between customers and brands. The basic functions of the MPR are to provide reliable information, sponsorship of major events and support of causes that help the society. "

According to Harris, positioning is the core of any successful integrated marketing communications’ program, it is the way companies and their brands are perceived by customers as compared to competitors.

According to another marketing coryphaeus Al Reese brand is built through PR, not trough advertising. He believes that a positive image is built slowly and requires time, and as opposed to advertising PR demonstrates credibility. Reese gives an interesting example of the most expensive trademark Coca-Cola, estimated by Interbrand Corp. to over 67.5 billion USD. For the first year of its creation, before becoming worldwide famous, it realized 50 (fifty) USD turnover from the sale of syrup.

We at EventHouse ® believe that the time has come for the Bulgarian business to face the potential of people dealing with serious art and culture. We think that long-term positive publicity for companies and their brands is achieved by supporting projects that keep and develop national and global culture. Worldwide, in order to build a corporate image, some of the biggest multinational companies associate their names with dance groups, symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, theatre groups and festivals. Standing behind the classic and modern forms of arts, companies support and acknowledge neuter human values inspired by artists such as Mozart, Shakespeare and Beethoven. It is not accidentally that the Council of Europe adopted Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" theme as its own.

EventHouse ® Bulgaria gives hand for long-term partnership to all companies that share these values.

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