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Meetings and conferences

Meetings are an essential part of our professional lives. Most of business people spend 40 percent of each working day in meetings. Usually meetings are the driving force for the birth of new ideas, solving problems and building of the business strategy. Poorly planned and poorly conducted meetings may waste a lot of money, time, energy and opportunities every day. We offer you some techniques that will help you make your meetings more effectively, you can organize, manage, guide and participate in them better.

Effective meeting is well organized meeting.

You must choose the right people and be sure they can contribute. It is important to choose the optimal size of participants and to use the appropriate premises and equipment. Different contestants and purposes of meetings require specific arrangements. You should be aware of the intention of the meeting. The visual presentation is a very important element for successful meetings. Using photos, illustrations, graphics and even text, increases the productivity of your meeting. Recent studies indicate that if you rely solely on the word communication, approximately 90 percent of your message will be incorrectly understood or even completely forgotten after the presentation. Proper visual tools can increase the volume of the remembered information up to 50 percent.