"We transfer your business and artistic ideas into projects that represent your vision and contribute to your corporate image."

Event Management

EventHouse ® is one of the first companies in Bulgaria, developing the management of special events as a separate business category. The company consults its customers during the whole process – from the conception of a particular event to its implementation and evaluation.

EventHouse ® designs and organizes external and internal company events. In order to fulfil your needs and desires, we are ready to evaluate and analyse your event and also to examine the R.O.I. efficiency and the feedback received from the participants. We could organize an event, or set of events as a part of the overall marketing &PR strategy of your company.

EventHouse ® examines the whole range of possibilities in order to realize your ideas in the best given way. We create a project and specify the budget of the event. After customer’s approval of the project and the budget, we create an action plan of the event. EventHouse ® coordinates all activities needed, as well as the human resources capacity essential for the building of the event. We conclude the necessary contracts with all subcontractors involved. EventHouse® provides modern technical equipment and talents to achieve maximum impact and uniqueness of the event.

Talent Management:
To meet the increasing severity of our clients, EventHouse® maintains close contacts with prominent Bulgarian artists and talents. Based on your preferences and budget, we will provide а suitable talent to participate on your event – artist, musician, dancer, designer, etc. We also create special programs to emphasize on your corporate identity and style.

10 cases in which you could contact us:

1. You want to organize an internal or external event of your company, but you do not have the necessary experience.
2. You want to have a preliminary and clear budget of the event.
3. You want to save time, keep concentrated on your core business and stay away from the pressure and stress coming from the organization of the event.
4. You want to cut costs and gain lower than standard prices for rental facilities, equipment, technical facilities, catering, etc.
5. You do not have direct contacts with performers and talents that you want to invite for your program or team building.
6. You want to find an interesting and unique place for your event.
7. You want to select the right guests, target groups and audience to visit your event and to optimize their presence.
8. You want to attract greater media interest.
9. You want to offer interesting corporate gifts and promotional materials for your guests and partners.
10. You want to receive a real evaluation and analysis of the return of your investment.