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Choice of a suitable hall

Consider the allocation of the room!
The pointed alternatives of allocation have proven effect on different meetings. In each of these options the moderators are in the central position and by the multimedia projector illustrate their ideas through active communication.

The lecturer stays next to the desk and images are projected on screen behind him. That option is suitable for a group of not more than eight people.

Auditorium or theatre

Auditoriums and theatres are suitable for large groups when long discussions are not expected. In the case it is very important the screen to be seen equally well by everyone in the audience.

Rooms for conferences

• With U-shaped located tables. Suitable for groups under 20 people. It is the best choice in case when discussions are expected.

• With table located in the centre. Suitable for a discussion that includes from 6 to 12 people


Suitable for large groups and long meetings. Participants can see each other and the tables situated in the room provide them with working space.


Most suitable for short and medium length presentations.
Participants are placed in the u-form around the lecturer; seats are located on different levels. This location is appropriate for a presentation followed by questions and answers and the expected discussion after that.

Positioning of a multimedia projector

When positioning the projector and the screen you have to be careful with the so-called "trapezoid" effect and avoid the distortion of the image.

Optimal distance

The distance between the audience and the screen should be no more than 6 times the width of the image projected, and letters on the screen should be at least 10 cm high.

The golden rule in determining the room is: chose and arrange the room according to the number of the participants! If the room is small, people will feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. If it is large the audience will spread itself around the room, and the sense of solidarity and empathy will be lost.

Consider space!