"We transfer your business and artistic ideas into projects that represent your vision and contribute to your corporate image."


“BORICА – BANKSERVICE” AD is a joint-stock company owned by the Bulgarian National Bank and the commercial banks in the country. The company satisfies the needs of its shareholders and customers meeting and maintaining high standards for quality, reliability and security.

“BORICA-BANKSERVICE” AD develops and maintains the basic IT infrastructure of the payment industry in Bulgaria. Main priorities of the company are designing, developing and operating payment systems. They provide to the participants high quality, reliable, diverse and innovative payment services offered to the end users – individuals and legal entities.

“BORICA-BANKSERVICE” AD develops services which streamline the business processes using state-of-art technologies and proven models. “BORICA – BANKSERVICE“ AD develops high quality software solutions which meet the needs of the customers in the automation of specific activities in the financial field.  

“BORICA – BANKSERVICE” AD works actively for the creation of electronic technologies and business solutions aimed at protecting the environment.