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Devin AD

Devin AD was established in 1992 as a limited liability company owned by individuals and Devin Municipality . Since 1999, the company has been functioning as a stock company with 100% private capital.
In August 2007 DEVIN AD increases its capital and becomes a public company with shares for free trade on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.
The company's main activity is bottling and sale of mineral water, spring water and carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks.
Devin AD has a concession for water utilization of boreholes 3 and 5 in the region of Devin, the Rhodope Mountain, from where the mineral water is bottled.
DEVIN mineral water is specified as slightly mineralized, suitable for daily consumption, as well as for people who have an active life style. Mineral water is distinguished for its high natural and balanced mineral content. It has a total amount of mineralization 255 mg/l.